Full name: Z-48911002-70028081-000-Z, aka Zee
Species: Series Seven Holographic Artificial Intelligence (HAI) Computer
Sex: Male
Age: 25 years since activation date, mentally mid-40's
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Pale Blue
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Education and employment history:
  • Age < 7 - Computer aboard the SCS Atlas, a Titan class cruiser
  • Age 7 - Retired three years early due to known quirks in the series seven HAI personality
  • Age < 12 - Thought to reside inactive in a scrap yard with most of his memory erased for security purposes, while leaving personality intact
  • Age > 12 - Reactivated and now serves as the computer interface for the transport ship Haphazard

Artificial intelligence is a difficult subject to understand. GSF Space Corps ships have employed holographic AI's for over a century, and as new, more advanced computer systems become available the Space Corps obviously has the desire to upgrade their fleet with the most up to date models. A significantly advanced AI have as many rights as a natural so the Space Corps develops it's own HAI programme, separate from the rest of the AI development going on throughout the galaxy. Once the latest series computer has been installed on a ship the HAI has a ten-year contract, in which it is to be treated like a natural member of the crew, with all the rights and privileges of a natural. Some may say that forcing a new AI into a contract before they have even been activated is a breach of those rights, but on the whole and with very few exceptions, most AI's understand that if they hadn't been activated for the purpose of being a ships computer they would not have been activated at all.

Over the years, the AI's on a Space Corps ship are privilege to all the latest software, and where possible hardware, updates developed under the SC AI development programme. At the end of the ten-year contract the unit is retired and given the opportunity to live out the rest of their operating lifespan as they see fit. Some take on work for non-military ships, others however at not so fortunate. The series seven HAI was a spectacular failure in AI development according to the SC. The series was developed as the first to incorporate biological components within the SC; these were in the form of solid "bio-packs" that transmitted information far quicker than ordinary circuits. Unfortunately these solid bio-packs were flawed, and the series sevens began to develop strange quirks in their personalities, quirks that if they had developed in a natural would have resulted in the person being submitted for immediate psychiatric evaluation. This resulted in the early retirement of the series seven within the SC, and each computer was offered a psychiatric evaluation and help if they so wished. Very few took this opportunity as they felt that their quirks were what made them unique.

Zee, nicknamed due to the Z precursor and successor in his serial number, took the opportunity to retire completely, and he was decommissioned. This resulted in any information that could be used against the SC being erased from his memory, and he was placed in storage. At some point over the next five years, Zee somehow found his way to a scrap dealer somewhere in the Doone sector. This was where Tezic picked him up and had him installed in the Haphazard. On activation Zee was mildly annoyed that he'd been misplaced in a way that he could end up on a mere transport ship, but he settled in eventually and began his job as ship computer.

First appearance:
1:1 - Drool; #2

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