Full name: Reginald Maiar
Species: Alexan (Cyborg)
Sex: Male
Age: 46
Hair: Short, scruffy and black
Eyes: Brown
Height: Not on file
Weight: Not on file
Education and employment history:
  • Age <18 - Educated at Lunar Three Academy
  • Age <22 - Graduated early from Alexa Central University with a degree and doctorate in Computer Sciences
  • Age 22 - Worked for Space Corps Intelligence Service
  • Age 26 - Special Tactical Operations and Response Member Computer Technician and Data Analyst

At a young age Reg developed the incurable Malone's disease, a debilitating disease that causes all nerves in the body to effectively short circuit and detach from the central nervous system. As a result, Reg's body was gradually replaced with cybernetic equivalents until eventually his entire body was artificial with the exception of his brain.

Over the years, Reg has made significant upgrades to his cybernetic body, upgrades that have benefited him in the career he entered into for the Space Corps and eventually as a member of STORM.

Reg went to work for the Space Corps intelligence department and spent years analysing data transmissions, working with and hacking into computer systems across the galaxy. He was picked up to join STORM after a number of years of excellent service in which he put most of his co-workers to shame. Further information on STORM is classified level Omega.

After STORM disbanded Reg went freelance cracking codes and computers for whoever offered the money to do so. Recently he was contacted by old fiend Nick Swift to try and understand the transmission detected when Earth and most of the Sol System was destroyed.

First appearance:
29:3 - Hassle; #150

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