Full name: Eugene Preston
Species: Oretan
Sex: Male
Age: 66 (~16 mentally)
Hair: Long & dirty blond
Eyes: White with oval pupil
Height: Not on file
Weight: Not on file
Education and employment history:
  • Age <38 - Educated at Lunar Three Academy with Nick and Reg
  • Age 38 - Educated at the New Paris Academy on Ganymede
  • Age 45 - Used his piloting skills to be a freelance pilot after the death of his parents
  • Age 53 - Hired as pilot of the Haphazard and hasn't looked for new work since

Oretans have an exceptionally long lifespan, even considering the average lifespan of the galactic community; unfortunately their mental ability develops at a much slower pace in order to compensate. As a result, Eugene may be a superb pilot but his mental maturity places him approximately a quarter of that of his physical age. Having a mental maturity of a sixteen year old boy by most other species standards, Eugene tends to be classed as the "kid" of the family, irrespective of his age. This mental immaturity wasn't helped or steadied by his friends Nick and Reg, who were just as immature and meddlesome as Eugene, and the three were constantly in trouble while they were together.

Before finishing school on Lunar, Eugene's father secured a lucrative contract working a mine on Ganymede, so the entire family uprooted and moved across the Sol System. After a number of years without incident, both of Eugene's parents were killed in a mining accident and Eugene was left to fend for himself. Although his father had such a lucrative contract with the mine the vast majority of the money was tied up in the mine itself. As a result, Eugene was left with very little money, only having what was left by his parents in their will from their savings. He used this money to quickly get himself a pilot licence and began flying freelance for anyone who would pay. This was until Tezic approached him to fly the Haphazard, a job he hasn't looked back from since as the job gave him the stability his immaturity needed.

Having recently been reunited with one of his oldest friends, a spark has been reignited in Eugene and he can't wait for the return of Reg and the idea of the old gang being back together.

First appearance:
8:1 - All Aboard; #9


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